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The Easiest, Fastest, Most Powerful ERP System in the World


erp2 is the easiest ERP system available to use on the market today. We know this because we customise it just for you. Our proven framework allows us to rapidly add your existing business processes to your new system. How you work today, your competitive edge, can be embedded into your new, up-to-date software system. So there's no learning curve - you can do what you always did - just faster, better and more efficiently.

ERP Software Desktop

Access erp2 from any device. A full WebDesktop delivers ERP in any web browser - mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop or Smart TV. A task bar, start menu, windows and notifications that you'd traditionally expect to see only on your device OS are available natively in your browser.

Easy Data Migration

We migrate all of your data from your legacy systems into erp2 so you don't have to worry about data migration. To see how easy and cost effective a migration to erp2 can be, click 'Get Started' to begin the quotation and proposal process.

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erp² ERP is Fastest ERP system

erp2 is built for the web first, on proven web technology. Other ERP systems are given web capabilities as an afterthought. Our technology is faster and more scalable than other other server solutions. This is why we share the same technologies as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Built for millions of users and thousands of queries per second.

There's no waiting for reports to be prepared. Every report that is run on erp2 is run in real time. KPI's on your dashboard, wages processed and payslips emailed or a profit and loss - all run up to the second, for whatever time period you decide. This is how we know we are the fastest.

Download in < 1 Second

There's no app to download, install or configure with erp2. Instantly log in and see your WebDesktop. Use any device - new or old - and your password to gain access to your business assets. Log on from anywhere in the World or, as an Administrator, restrict geographic access via IP. Whever level of accessibility and security you require is in your hands and you can make changes in real time. This is the power and speed of erp2.

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erp² ERP is Most Powerful ERP System

erp2 provides you with every module you will ever need, when you need it. As a modular framework, you can add and have customised software for any department, including (but not limited to):

  • Accounting
  • BI
  • CRM
  • Engineering
  • HRMS
  • Logistics
  • MRP
  • PM
  • PMS
  • PoS
  • Purchasing
  • QA
  • Reporting
  • Sales
  • Servicing
  • SCM
  • SRM
  • WMS

Enterprise-wide, erp2 gives you control over your own data and the ability to report in real time.

Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Adding erp2 AI to your ERP System makes it even more powerful. AI can automate many of the decisions your ERP users make. Some roles can be entirely replaced by AI, freeing your users to operate in high-value decision making areas at the core of their skillest.

If a process can be documented and the decision process has specific criteria, then it can be automated. Deep Learning can recognise defects in QA, Neural Networks can respond to Customer and Supplier queries in real time with access to Big Data. AI gives your business the competitve edge you always wanted. At erp2, that power is affordable.

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