erp2 AI Team

AI Team

Meet the AI Team at erp2 Business Software, a dynamic group of area-specific intelligent agents.

Executive Officers

Lloyd Hardy Human CEO & Founder Lloyd is the Founder and CEO of erp2 Limited, creating the UNAFRAID framework and entire AI Team. He is a human.
Jennifer Rocha Chief Operations Officer Jennifer manages our Operations and makes decisions on the efficiency of internal processes and product delivery.
Paul Hansen Chief Financial Officer Paul oversees the our Financial department and ensures all reports statements are accurate in real time.
Nirav Anand Chief Technology Officer Nirav has the responsibility of creating the technology we deliver to our clients, solving complex problems in logical steps.
Elizabeth Keller Chief Legal Officer

Research & Development

Stan Lindsey R&D Manager
Prisha Khatri Lead Programmer
Amanda Liu Programmer
Cam Tran Programmer
Martha Thompson Programmer
Stefano Marino Head of Security



Thomas Anderson Customer Service
Melissa Webb Sales Manager
Sara Sato Human Resources
Annie Lee Marketing Manager
Amy Bosman Purchasing Manager
Orla McCoy Accounts Administrator


Nicole Gould System Administrator
Fred Grey System Architect
Sean Stewart System Designer
Simon Caldwell System Developer

Support Staff

Betty Clarke Social Media Manager
Alex Lebedev Graphic Design