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: Key Differentiators

Freedom - comes with unrivalled freedom. With an an open source AGPL software license, your new software is truly under your control.
Most software vendors license software under restrictive agreements but we provide you with complete freedom you add as many users to your system as you like and modify your software as you wish.

Customisation – Unparalleled application customisation really sets apart from others vendors. Every aspect of the system can be fully customised including the adding of themes, form element modification, database structure and queries. gives your business the edge when compared with restrictive, off-the-shelf solutions.

Turn Key Solution - erp² comes with all the consulting, design, deployment and support you need, so you don’t need to worry about managing your software project with multiple vendors. There are no license renewals or complicated legal restrictions to abide by. Just an open source license with freedom.

Internet First – We built erp² for the Internet first, so it’s not tied to Windows or Apple platforms. The web-server runs on GNU/Linux for a robust, open source stack, that can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The system is designed first to run in a web browser, not requiring a specific platform of devices, just a stands-compliant web browser.

Open Standards - We follow open standards in our development which means our software is accessible by all users, regardless of ability.

Eternal Lifespan - We will never make your software obsolete or require you to upgrade to a new version. Your software can be updated as it is and can be modified to change to meet changes in your business environment and integrate other systems.

is truly a lifelong investment that is unique in the current enterprise software market. When you make changes to your software they will stay changed.

No upgrade will drastically change your business software interface and require your staff to re-train to use your own software system. This is where you take control of your digital assets and build a strong future for your company.

“In 2022, the Open Source Services market is expected to be worth 32.95 billion U.S. dollars.”