Business Benefits| Worldwide

Increased Revenue - increases revenue by providing real-time Key Performance Indicators from all areas of the business, allowing Managers to make decisions faster and identity sales opportunities before your competitors.

Lowered Costs - reduces the cost of doing business by enabling employees to work more efficiently and accurately. Time is saved, costs are saved and profit is maximised.

ERP Savings
- ERP Cost Savings

Improved Customer Relationships - With the CRM system, better management of customer contacts and communications provides for increased sales, sales productivity and sales forecasting. Complete contact history gives you the edge.

Higher Productivity - Time consuming tasks like Reporting and Payroll can be reduced to minutes or seconds by innovative AI agents and automation.

Greater Accuracy – Complete digital records and full editing history provides less mistakes and getting it right first time, on time.

Faster Feedback – A Quality Assurance problem pattern can be identified system wide faster, saving production costs from design errors and allowing redeployment of resources.

ERP Business Benefits
- ERP Business Benefits

Flexible Infrastructure – With Web Based ERP, you have less hardware setup requirements and related costs. Relocating to another workspace is instantaneous.

Employee Satisfaction – With an ability to monitor employee activity more closely, management can engage with and assist employees more effectively.

Faster Financials – Accounting is near automatically done with custom reports.

“CRM Applications can help to increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%”