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provides you with unlimited features, because you can design what you need and we can implement it for you rapidly on our stable platform. However, here are some common ERP modules that you may wish to incorporate in your system.

ERP Features
ERP Features

ERP CRM Benefits

CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a database of contact communication history.

ERP Sales Benefits

Sales – Sales Quotations, Orders and Invoices can all be accessed at any time.

ERP Production Benefits

Production – Bill of Materials and Customer Orders to plan Procurement in real time.

ERP SRM Benefits

SRM – Supplier Relationship Management supports your relationship with suppliers.

ERP WMS Benefits

WMS – A Warehouse Management System tracks your inventory and stock locations. Use barcode scanning for rapid order processing and implement a single server for multiple warehouse locations.

ERP Accounting Benefits

Financials – Accounting for your company gathers data from all the other modules and compile in accounts ledgers, ready for submission.

ERP Service Benefits

Service – For the servicing of systems supplied to your clients. Track hardware history and modifications made.

There are hundreds of potential modules to suit any industry or business requirement, including Business Intelligence, Distribution, QA, HR, Asset Management and more.

“SMEs with ERP systems will enjoy better resource management, faster decision making and better performance management”
University of Salford, Manchester UK